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First Update.

Posted on March 28, 2009 at 7:12 PM

            March, 24th 2009

     Well I've just slightly got the website up and running for you all whoever you may be. And I have to say I am pretty stoaked about the future plans for the website.

    I will not be putting the website onto any search engines yet until I get this whole video game hosting thing down. So far we have a chatroom, forum, members page, small but detailed customizable profiles along with your own default pictures.

      The games page is up, but sadly no games yet but don't worry there coming sometime this week!

      I know your all going to ask this question so I'm just going to straight up explain it right now.

    What is the logic behind an Anti-Social, Social Network? Being Anti-Socials are not social.

     The logic in this is simple. Most Anti-Socials... are only considered Anti-Social... because they spend "too much time online." And not enough time with people in there area.

                         My logic in that is... Everyone in your area must suck.

            So here is a website, just for the people who have nothing better to do

                      but seek out a social life in a pixelated land of opportunity.

             You are also probably wondering whats with all the bats, expecially since

                      bats are not Anti-Social creatures? Well we love the bats.

                                                    And so will you. 

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